LPS: Who We Are

Brian Lalonde


Brian is a registered psychologist (and runner!) in the province of Alberta and has provided psychoeducational assessment, therapy, and behavioural support to children, adolescents, and families for over 30 years.

Brian works with families of children and adolescents with a wide range of behavioural, emotional and developmental disorders, including assessment and management of autism spectrum disorders.  He has worked in residential treatment, school, and specialized preschool settings.

Brian’s experience, sense of humour, his respect for families and other professionals, and his value of the children and adolescents with whom he works are consistently reflected in his professional relationships and practice.

Contact Brian:

Call or text: 403-560-6025

Office Address: 

Fish Creek Psychology


259 Midpark Way SE 

Calgary, AB

Office Telephone: 403-214-7590

Office Fax: 587-353-3664

Liz O'Shea

Liz  is a registered psychologist in the province of Alberta who has worked in the post-secondary education system for 30 years.

Liz works with students in post-secondary who have learning disabilities, or who are living with physical limitations, who are managing mental health or brain health challenges, or who are Deaf. 

She has also collaborated with public post-secondary institutions across the province to develop a more accessible network of colleges and universities.

Through community-wide workshops, Liz is now sharing her experience with parents and their teens in high school to help them plan for college or university, apprenticeships, jobs and careers.

Liz offers parents and students the opportunity to take  advantage of her knowledge and experience, as well as her practical perspective and respectful approach, as they develop a post-secondary plan for the young adult learner with a disability, or who requires academic accommodations or learning supports, as part of their journey to success.

Contact Liz:

Email: Liz@lalondepsychologicalservices.com 

Call or text: 403-616-4013